Friday, July 24, 2009

Fax to E-mail to Fax Services

Interested to own your own personal fax facilities?

Now with only RM3 per month you can send & receive faxes from anywhere

You will be given a 015-XXXXXXX as your line, and you can view your fax online from anywhere!

Very suitable for SOHO or those in need of fax facility but on tight budget

a) Sending Faxes
Login to
Key-in the fax number or multiple numbers separated by comma.
Browse for the fax document then click upload.
You can chose to preview before sending or simply send out the fax.
user posted image

b) Receiving Faxes

You are given a personal and dedicated REDtone 015 prefix fax number for your incoming fax. A normal fax transmission will be delivered to your REDtone I-Fax inbox and also up to 5 email addresses assigned by you. All TM fixed line can be interconnected will REDtone 015.
user posted image

c) I-Fax account credit

Prepaid, minimum fax credit top up is RM10. Free and easy without commitment. You don't like it, just don't top up.

Example of fax received:

Activate within this month and you are entitled for only RM3 rental per month. Normal price is RM20 per month.

Service provider : Redtone
More info: here
Or you can call me: O3-889O35O2 (office hour)


iFax is latest fax technologies that allow you to send and receives faxes via Internet, in short the replacing of a traditional fax machines requiring a dedicated phone line. With I-Fax you can send and receive faxes from anywhere and anytime via PC with internet connection.
Key Benefits of I-Fax
• Cost effective
o No Fax machine and telephone line needed either paper or ink
o No installation
o Enjoy discount rate for sending fax
• Convenient
o Be mobile, send and receives faxes from anywhere and anytime.
o Send and receive multiple faxes.
• Confidentiality
o Faxes received in your private mailbox

You will also be given SMS broadcast service and discounted calls service for free.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Streamyx Combo Packages

Pakej Streamyx Combo:


1)Apa itu Streamyx Combo?

Untuk menggunakan Streamyx, anda perlukan dua akaun:
i)akaun TM homeline
ii)akaun Streamyx

Dua-dua akaun ini digabungkan menjadi satu akaun iaitu Streamyx Combo.

2)Berapa caj permulaan yang dikenakan?

Untuk talian telefon
i)RM75 - deposit
ii)RM10 - duti stem
iii)RM30(pendawaian sedia ada) atauRM50(pendawaian baru) - yuran pemasangan telefon

Untuk akaun internet
i)RM75 - yuran pengaktifan
ii)RM10-duti stem
iii)RM88 - yuran pemasangan modem jika mahu modem dipasang oleh ejen.
iiii)Yuran langganan bulanan pertama & kedua. (bulan kedua tak perlu bayar apa-apa)


Contoh pengiraan
i)untuk pakej 512kb
  • RM75+10+30+75+10+90+90= RM380
ii)untuk pakej 1mb
  • RM75+10+30+75+10+110+110= RM420

3)Mengapa anda perlu melanggan dari saya?

i)Modem diberi percuma!
ii)Perkhidmatan mesra pelanggan
ii)Servis pemasangan modem percuma bagi pakej 512kb ke atas! Jimat RM88
iii)Guna dahulu bayar kemudian - semua pembayaran kecuali yuran pemasangan telefon&modem adalah terus ke TM setelah anda mendapat bil yang pertama iaitu setelah anda dapat melayari internet.
iv)Anda boleh mendaftar dengan saya tidak kira di mana lokasi anda.

Astro : Making Your Life Richer

Untuk Astro terdapat dua pakej yang anda boleh langgan dari saya

i)Pakej 1
  • Astro decoder at only RM199
  • Free standard installation worth RM100.
  • Monthly subscription fees from as low as RM37.95.
  • Offer valid until 31st July 2009.
  • 1 year contract.

ii)Pakej 2
  • Astro decoder will be given free of charge!
  • Installation fee of RM100.
  • Minimum monthly subscription fee of RM59.95 within contract.
  • 2 years contract.